This is the second visit to my studio for Avery and we decided to go to the beach. Where else would you go with a cute little girl with blond hair and shorts! She was most fascinated with the rocks and so most of my time was spent watching and waiting for her to show me her collection!

High School Seniors

Veronica graduates in 2009

Seniors are great. Veronica brought along her dog and we cruised the park looking for interesting places to take photos. I think we got some great ones for her and mom! Call today to schedule YOUR senior portraits: 206-371-0585

Family Photo Sessions

Motorcycle madness

When Carolyn called to arrange for a portrait session we almost did it in the studio; until I found out that they both ride bikes! Motorcycles, that is. I said I wouldn’t do it unless I could come and photograph them on their bikes since its such a major part of their lifestyle. Johnny has been riding for years and teaches motorcycle saftey. Some day they hope to bike through New Mexico so I came up with this charming piece of artwork for them:

Family Photo Sessions

Barb, Greg and sons!

It’s almost time for the oldest son to be going off to college so mom asked me to come by and take some family photos knowing that from here on out it would be a challenge to get them all in the same place at the same time. We choose to stay right at home and came up with some nice images. Have you had your family portrait done lately? Give us a call: 206-371-0585


High School Seniors


Chloe is another graudating senior here in West Seattle. She was most charming and easy to work with. Call us today to book your senior session! 206-371-0585


High School Seniors


It’s time for the graduating seniors of 2009 to have their senior pics taken. Alaina is a friend of Dylan’s (posted on an earlier blog). We met down on Alki and then moved on to the Alki Tavern (not to drink!) just to use the eclectic outdoor ambiance to enhance Alaina’s beautiful eyes and golden hair! Striking dont’ you think?  Call Gail Ann today to book your senior session!