Decorating with portraits

What should I do? I love so many!
I can help you create multiple portrait groupings for your home. The entryway, over the couch, down a hallway, up the stairway, in the kids room, in mom’s room all make great spaces to show off your portrait session with gail ann!

Simple groupings using different size frames clustered on the fireplace, on the end table make for stunning presentations as well.

And don’t forget – albums are a terrific way to display all of them!

Ready to settle on one great image? Don’t go too small! Appropriate sizing for the appropriate space is  key!  Let Gail Ann help with sizing for your specific location.

Short on wall space? Build your presentation vertically!

Long hallway? Tall skinny wall? Long couch?  Gail Ann can create long odd shaped horizontal or vertical images to fit in with your homes furniture and architectural features. Put some life on those walls! Your life!

Use a bit of whimsy and hang canvas prints or bold colored frames in kids room to help add a creative fun punch to the photos you love!

Be confident in portrait sizing. Large portraits are bold but a portrait that is too small for your space will look lonely. Let gail ann help you find the perfect size portrait or grouping for your home.

Most of all, I want you to enjoy your portraits. They shouldn’t be kept in a drawer or stored on your hard drive.  Look at them, live with them, enjoy them!

Groupings, canvas prints, albums…take your pick!

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