The short & tall of it…a love story.

Anna & Stevan met online. And soon a romance blossomed across the sea. She is from Holland! Many visits finally led to a wedding ceremony here at Robinswood House; one of my favorite venues.  Surrounded be dear friends from near and far the couple’s ceremony was delightful.We had time to stroll the grounds for some fun photos and then under the big tent for a lovely meal topped off with blueberry cupcakes. Why blueberry? Because he proposed to her in a blueberry patch! See all the images here.

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Good ‘ol Route 66

I went with my mom to Laughlin Nevada for a little gambling fun and decided to spend one day on the road – Route 66 that is! Took a nice little drive and headed to Oatman, Arizona, a historic mining town that has come to life again with quaint shops, restaurants and the town landmark – BURROS! that wander the streets and usually end up butting you in the, well you know:)  Then on into the hills where we came upon Cool Springs – most likely a man-made landmark but still had lots of cool antique trucks, cars, and gas pumps.

I took along a new toy – a Lensbaby – a strange kinda lens that has one very sharp point with blurriness all around it.  So, NO, I wasn’t drinking – just having fun with a new toy! Here are some of my favorites:

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Fauntleroy Neighborhood

The Kenney Family Festival

It was a fun time for all both young and old as the Kenney celebrated ‘family’ the ol’ fashion way! Hot dogs, face painting, lawn games, beer garden, popcorn, cotton candy! Not to mention a barber shop quartet, ice cream and balloons! I was happy to be on hand to photograph the many families who wandered through the campus in search of fun! Click here for more photos.

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Still in love after 60 years

Little did I realize I was crashing the party (I was looking for the ribbon cutting ceremony) but lucky for me I knew Andy and his family! Turns out they were celebrating his parents 60th – Yes 60th! Anniversary. Naturally I couldn’t let such an occasion slip by without taking a few photos for their family archives. Looks like the couple still loves to have fun!

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Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Celebration

Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Celebration

Members of the community (young and old) applauded as Dr. Pierce cut the ribbon at the main entrance to the schoolhouse making the acquisition of the building into the hands of the local community official.

Addie expressed her joy below the awesome banner her mom made in honor of the occasion.

Claudine couldn’t stay away. She attended kindergarten at the Fauntleroy School and took some time to wander the halls and reminisce – happy knowing that the school will remain an active hub in her neighborhood.

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