Composition 101

I recently had the opportunity to teach a photography class on ‘composition’.  It’s always fun to see what other creative eyes ‘see’ in the same location.  We talked about the Rule of Thirds vs. putting your subject smack in the middle of the frame; and shooting from different angles rather than straight on. We also experimented with depth of field by changing f-stops on the same image.  All in all it was a good learning experience while reminding myself how beautifully  these simple basics can enhance  images.  Here is a collection of my images (taken with an Olympus point and shoot) and Bryan Chaffe taken with a Nikon….

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FCC Auction a wild success!

I personally don’t have children but I am more than honored to be part of the local auctions where kids are concerned. Parents and friends of the Fauntleory Children’s Center opened their hearts and their wallets at the 26th Annual FCC Auction this past weekend. Hosted by auctioneer Bob Watt and former mayor Greg Nickels, the two of them helped boost sales to well over $10,000! There were some great silent auction items including children’s skis, the wildly anticipated dessert dash, and some friendly bidding wars. You can view all the images from the evening festivities by clicking here!

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Get your Pierogi Soap at the Polish Bazaar

Meet me at the Spring Polish Bazaar!
Saturday, March 23rd. Noon – 6pm at the Polish Home – 1714 18th Ave (off Madison)

Spring Polish Bazaar

Gail Ann will have wonderful gifts perfect for Easter! Back by popular demand is our “Pierogi Soap” in Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Peppermint and more. Lots of Easter cards for those Easter greetings. Digital Wycinaki designs & Basia’s Journals NEW Jewelry Items featuring our Finger Rosaries! Stop by and say ‘Hi’ and maybe pick up a gift or two for Easter!

Great Polish Foods! Homemade pastries – Takeout dinners & desserts.

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Fauntleroy Food Fest 2013

Fauntleroy Food Fest 2013
Even though it’s all about community it was the FOOD that drove them in to mingle with neighbors!  Kids of all ages enjoyed the tasty treats provided by local Fauntleroy community vendors. It was also a time of reflection as we said good-bye to long-time President of the Fauntleroy Community Association, Bruce Butterfield and hello to a new President, David Haggerty! To see more images of the evenings festivities click here!


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El Paso Mission Trail 2013

It was a warm and dusty El Paso day. I decided to head toward the border and visit the missions. I was captivated by the cloud filled skies. I couldn’t wait for the early spring setting sun to cast its shadows on the hallowed headstones of the old cemetery.

The El Paso Mission Trail consists of three historic churches now owned by the Catholic Diocese. They stand as symbols of the long and rich relationships between Spain, Mexico and the US.

Spanish explorers arrived and occupied the El Paso area. Mission Ysleta is the oldest; established October 12, 1680. Mission Socorro was officially founded during a Mass delivered by Fray Antonio Guerra on October 13, 1680. Presidio Chapel San Elizario was originally set up by the Spanish as a military fort for soldiers and their families.

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21 years and finally legal!

Scott and Bob were just as giddy as any other couple about to be married even if they’ve already been together for 21 years! It was a day of celebration with family as they headed to the courthouse to say “I do”. I met up with them early at their home for some casual portraits and fun in the drizzle. Congratulations!


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Travel Images

El Paso Holocaust Museum sheds light

On a return visit to New Mexico I visited the El Paso Holocaust Museum. Another memorial to those who lost their lives, survived, and helped save lives during Hitler’s attempt to wipe out a class of citizens.

The displays featured stunning graphics that effectively tell the story of the Holocaust. Life in Europe before the Nazi Party; the Rise of the Nazi Party; the Use of Nazi Propaganda; Kristallnacht ; Life in the Ghettos; Transportation by Railcars to the Camps; Life and Death in Nazi Concentration Camps; Liberation by the Allied Forces; the Righteous Among the Nations; a Memorial and Reflection Room; and a Gallery of El Paso Holocaust Survivors.

Hitler’s actions certainly touched more lives in more places than one can imagine. Thhe founder of the museum was born in Lodz, Poland. His life in the ghetto was heartbreaking yet it was there he met and married his wife. together they escaped the camp and eventually settled in El Paso, Texas.

To learn about Mr. Henry Kellen, the gentleman who started the museum click here:

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