Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I know the midwest and east coast are being pummeled with snow storms. Part of me wishes I was there and the other part is happy to be in Seattle with sunny skies. Being from Chicago I remember the cold Christmas Eve nights when dad would run down to the car, shovel off the snow and let it heat up for 15 minutes before we actually went to grandma’s house! Ahh, to be young again. And then the time that we lived in Boston and would leave work early because the snow was falling and accumulating.  Of course, we never missed a lot of work because they know how to salt and plow the roads; but there were some very frigid nights! And the time we couldn’t get back from Italy because a big snowstorm had hit the east coast and all air travel was suspended or re-routed – for that one we got a free night in a beautiful hotel and an extra couple days in Italy! Those were the days.

So, I went out and photographed a few iconic views on 45th Ave in Wallingford and on Thistle in West Seattle. I added a little snow of my own for a festive kind of Seattle snowfall! Enjoy!


Aloha Carol

It was a rip-roaring good time at the Senior Center of West Seattle as over 200 guests came to celebrate Carol’s 37 years of service to the Center. There was food, there was music, there was dancing, there was laughter all in honor of one very special lady, Carol Johnston, Program coordinator for SCWS. Carol will be transitioning into activities with family, friends, music events and new endeavors. As she puts it “Retirement is when one stops living at work and starts working at living.” You go girl! You can view all the images by clicking here.