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Last look at Alki

The Barnett family decided that since they were moving to Boston it was time to have that family photo taken on Alki. So, after packing all day long they headed to the shores of Alki for one last play date with the kids. I was happy to join them and must say we got some great images that will last a lifetime! We traversed the shoreline with the only mishap being, I got stung by a bee!

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Arlington Fly-in Fun

There were planes, trains and automobiles…well almost anyway.  There were planes, a car show and a military display well worth visiting. The B-17G “Sentimental Journey” was a high flyer as she took off with several passengers for a ride of a lifetime. Alas, all I could do was watch her fly by. But on the ground I was up close and personal with her as well as other war birds.  Camp Adams Military history encampment was very interesting and showcased lots of military jeeps and memorabilia. Oh, and what an airshow!

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