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Evil Dead

Evil Dead – the Musical

Theater guests enjoyed tuna fingers, pizza, and vampire bites before getting splattered with blood at this ArtsWest patron dinner.  Guests were photographed and placed in their own poster art as a souvenier!  See all photos here

The cult classic horror films Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2, and Army of Darkness  were brought to life before our very eyes in this crazy musical. Five college students go to an abandoned cabin in the woods, and accidentally unleash an evil force that turns them all into demons. It’s all up to Ash (a housewares employee, turned demon killing hero), and his trusty chainsaw to save the day. Blood flies. Limbs are dismembered. Demons tell jokes… and all is set to music.  For more info visit: ArtsWest

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Halloween Traditions at Alki Elementary

There’s nothing like creating your own holiday traditions…even for Halloween!  I met Cassie and her mom several years ago and have had the privilege of photographing her in her Halloween costume as well as creating her annual Christmas photo!

You can view all the trick or treaters here: