It’s always fun to do a family portrait when there’s a prop involved. Julie brought along five different black photo frames for our session which was part of mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary down at Salty’s. Smiles and silliness ensued.


Laughter and Love at Marination Station

I love small, intimate weddings. Especially when they involve the not so traditonal locations…like the Arboretum at the college and Marination Station on Alki! ¬†Jennifer and James were a hoot and provided non-stop love and laughter all during the wedding. See what I mean….

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Family Photo Sessions

Happy 90th Birthday, Tom!

What do you give the guy who is celebrating his 90th Birthday!? How about a family reunion! Claudine called to arrange for a family photo of all the guests who came from near and far to celebrate this grand milestone for Tom. They gathered at¬†Ivar’s Salmon House for a tasty dinner and lots of chit-chat; some not having seen each other in 30 years! What a special way to celebrate. I hope I have enough stamina to make it to my 90th Birthday!

Tom's 90th Birthday