About Gail Ann

What do Ellen DeGeneres, Meg Ryan, and Gail Ann all have in common?


They are Sagittarians and by nature, love to have a good time, enjoy travel, and are artistically inclined. When I picked up a camera I knew photography was my medium and way of communicating with the world.

There’s a blind faith in Lunar Sagittarians that is admirable. They simply believe that everything will work out. Not much for making detailed plans, people with Moon in Sagittarius prefer to wing it. They’re very adaptable and generally on the go. That’s why I enjoy photographing weddings and kids and families!  Kids have their own agenda and personalities. Weddings run on the own timeline and the cast of characters is always changing.  I love the challenge of adapting when the need arises.

– I love watching reruns of Gidget and I Love Lucy.
– Oreo cookies and a glass of milk are the perfect breakfast!
– There’s a little bit of ‘desert rat’ in me and I long for the open road on Route 66.
– I love turquoise from the great Southwest and am intrigued by Baltic Amber.

As a fellow photographer once expressed to me… “If I don’t shoot, I can’t breathe.” 

I look forward to creating fun ‘artsy-fartsy’ images of you and yours! Gail Ann

I look forward to working with you soon!

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