Composition 101

I recently had the opportunity to teach a photography class on ‘composition’.  It’s always fun to see what other creative eyes ‘see’ in the same location.  We talked about the Rule of Thirds vs. putting your subject smack in the middle of the frame; and shooting from different angles rather than straight on. We also experimented with depth of field by changing f-stops on the same image.  All in all it was a good learning experience while reminding myself how beautifully  these simple basics can enhance  images.  Here is a collection of my images (taken with an Olympus point and shoot) and Bryan Chaffe taken with a Nikon….

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One thought on “Composition 101

  1. Love your work!
    I was the visitor in your shop this afternoon to look at the garage sale items and ended up with books, old pictures, and ideas of places to visit.Thank you for the wonderful conversation!

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