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Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Celebration

Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Celebration

Members of the community (young and old) applauded as Dr. Pierce cut the ribbon at the main entrance to the schoolhouse making the acquisition of the building into the hands of the local community official.

Addie expressed her joy below the awesome banner her mom made in honor of the occasion.

Claudine couldn’t stay away. She attended kindergarten at the Fauntleroy School and took some time to wander the halls and reminisce – happy knowing that the school will remain an active hub in her neighborhood.

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2 thoughts on “Fauntleroy Schoolhouse Celebration

  1. Gail Ann,
    What fantastic coverage! Your photos are phenomenal. Thank you so much for covering this event with such a professional flair. You did a wonderful job of capturing the spirit and it looks like you managed to get just about everybody on film.

  2. I “found home” at Fauntleroy Children’s Center after moving here from Oregon three years ago and looking for a place to volunteer. The warmth and the reception of the staff are only bettered by the warmth and reception of my precious Cloud Room kids. I look forward to every day that I spend there. It has made my life so much better in transitioning to West Seattle. Congratulations to ALL in this wonderful new forever venture into the life in the Fauntleroy area.

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