Ladies of Boeing

I was tickled when my dear client Jan called and asked if I could give some photography pointers to her group of friends. We met up at Endolyne Joe’s for a nice lunch and then headed over to Lincoln Park. Everyone brought their camera of choice: from iphones to ipads, from point and shoot to DSLR.  We talked about the all the dials on the camera and how they could be used to improve their photos. The beautiful flowers caught everyone’s attention so we experimented with those selecting our close up dials and wow – they got some nice images!  Of course we had to head down to the water as well. Here’a nice little group shot of the ‘ladies of Boeing’….



LOT 787 Dreamliner takes off

I was thrilled to be invited to witness the takeoff of the first 787 Dreamliner that was delivered to LOT Polish Airlines last week. The sleek jet didn’t seem near as big as I expected but it was still a site to behold sitting on the tarmack, especially up close and personal! Fr. Stanislaw Michalek of St. Margaret’s ‘blessed’ the aircraft shortly before takeoff. Local media, AP media and Poland’s media covered this worldwide event. The inaugural flight was packed with Polish dignitaries and members of the Witkacy theatre troupe.

As we watched the plane taxi out to the runway I could not believe how quiet it was. I even asked if the engines were running! Those Rolls Royce engines are so quiet and smooth [especially after living so close to O’Hare Airport as a kid and we had to stop the conversations until the jets had passed by]. We all watched the LOT Dreamliner head into the sky on it’s maiden voyage. According to reports the plane arrived at Warsaw’s Chopin Airport and was greeted with a traditional water salute.

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