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Hazel and Ruby

It was a beautifully overcast day at the waters edge. Perfect for family photos. Don’t ya just love the cute skirts on the girls!

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Fun in the sun

I met Natalia and Carson at the water in Lincoln Park for our photo shoot. Carson was more interested in scouring the stones for jellyfish and such so I got plenty of interaction shots of brother and sister. Natalia was willing to ‘pose on command’ and showed off her cute smile. I managed to catch fleeting smiles of Carson on the run. Mom felt glad that we got this session done in time for the holidays….yes the holidays! Can you say ‘christmas cards!’.

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Playful cousins

I’m always pleased when my brides begin to have families and include me in their life. I spent the morning at The Cove with these sweet cousins right before the 4th of July. Getting kids this young to pose for a formal photo was pretty challenging but their playful antics made for some wonderful captured moments in time. Ducks, jam and cookies are the trick!

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Leah’s morning at Lowman Beach

I met Leah at Lowman Beach for our first session together. She certainly knew what she wanted to do most: Swing! So it took some effort to convince her the water and logs were a fun place to be. But mom persevered and we got some cute images of her in the reeds.

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Tis the season for polka dots and tutus!

Emme popped in to see me for her 1st birthday photo shoot. She was a little apprehensive and stuck close to mom most of the time. But some pretty flowers, an enticing apple and a suitcase to climb on brought her personality out! Not to mention the cute pink sunglasses…

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Current · Family Photo Sessions · Kids

Baby Marie

Marie’s first studio photo shoot was a great success. She arrived just after waking from her morning nap with smiles aplenty. A little fashionista, she modeled her sweet little dress, cargo pants and pink peddle pushers for me.  Only six months old, she was quite the charming little girl with smiles galore until the hiccups struck…then it was all over…I think mom and dad and Marie will pleased with her first photo shoot!

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Cousins make the best friends

Elijah and Jaiden are cousins who popped in to visit their grandma across the street and decided it was time to ‘capture the moment’ in a photo!  Cute as can be it’s obvious that Elijah is the prankster in the family but Jaiden can certainly hold her own!

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Jesse & Lucy giggle away

This was the first time mom had taken the kids for ‘professional’ photos; she was pleasantly surprised at how well the kids took to the situation.  We placed them in the big orange chair and let them just have fun. There were giggles and grins and mile wide! But my favorite part was when mom was getting Lucy into her car seat and Jesse sat down to have a little snack….”Want some?”


Fun in the fog…

Willa and her sister walk by my studio at least 2-3 times a day! Always off on some exciting adventure. I knew that sooner or later I would get to photograph the cute redheads. And as a bonus I got to meet their cousins Jack and Ryan too! We put off the session once due to weather but this time decided we’d just do it! We all had fun in the fog…take a look.

Foggy Fun in West Seattle.

Family Photo Sessions · Kids

Meet Joshua

I haven’t seen Sally and her family in about a year and a half now.  She’s been busy – and I got to meet Joshua, who is four months old for the first time.  We tried to do alot of imagery in a short period of time…pics of Joshua by himself (cute!), then the 3 kids together, the kids alone, the family….well, you get it!  And here are the results!

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