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Leigland photo day!

Since it has been a while since I last photographed the Leigland family and it was time for Olie’s senior pics we decided to photograph everybody – including the family dog. We traversed Lincoln Park and captured all sorts of groupings. Olie graduates from O’Dea High School and will attend Montana State University.

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Family time

The Anawalts call every year for the annual holiday photo. Capturing images at this time of year is always weather dependent but the crisp early morning air and sun breaks all worked in our favor. Traversing the property we found lots of interesting areas for the pics. We go through our ritual of groupings including mom and dad, mom with the girls, dad with the girls and the family all together.

Remember, it’s always a great time to capture family images….

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Fauntleroy Fall Festival Fun

There’s nothing sweeter than watching families play together…and the annual Fauntleroy Fall Festival was the place to be this past weekend. Cake walks, pumpkin painting, salmon hats, music, pony rides…what more can you ask for? And of course the annual festival photo!  See them all here:


Holy Rosary welcomes grandparents & special friends

Holy Rosary School was filled with love today; grandparents and special friends of the students were invited to an afternoon of sharing. There was a musical performance given by the students as guests enjoyed a light lunch. Afterwards students showed off their artwork and classrooms as well as attending the book fair. They also had the opportunity to have their photo taken. What a lovely memento of the day! Here’s a sampling:

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Oh baby, it’s chilly outside!

When it’s time to do a family photo it’s time, no matter what the weather! It was sunny, brite, and chilly but we got the shots! Toward the end the boys started doing their own thing. Of course, those are the best! I photographed mom and dad at one or two school auctions several years ago. I’m glad I finally got the chance to work with all of them!

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It started out a dark and stormy morn

but by afternoon the sun came out in time for the annual Anawalt family holiday photo session! The girls just get prettier each year! Our session was easy, quick and FUN!

Family Photo Sessions

Introducing Baby Emmer

Named after mom’s love of baking little Baby Emmer was born a short 3 weeks ago. She seemed to take her first photo shoot all in stride but I can’t wait until her first birthday when we create a scene in mom’s kitchen! BTW, I photographed Malia’s wedding about 2 years ago so I’m honored to have captured these first images for them of life with baby.

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’tis the season for family portraits

I’ve been photographing the Anawalt family for 6-7 years now. It always amazes me how fast the girls are growing up. Even though we’ve used their front and back yard many times for a backdrop I often find new corners of inspiration. The girls decided they wanted their picture taken on the trampoline. I think we got it! Here’s a little peak at the family pics.

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Off to college so one last family photo

Lifechanging moments are usually a good time to catch up with family photos. Maddie is off to college in the next couple weeks son mom decided to gather everyone up. Their casual, relaxed style of living made for cool backdrops around the house. Even let the dog get up on the couch for once!  And I couldn’t resist an artsy fartsy shot of Maddie in grandma’s chair. Wonder which of the boys gets Maddie’s old room?

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Kerns Family

I’m not sure which is more challenging: kids under two or kids over 20. Either way I certainly enjoy capturing the family dynamic no matter what the ages involved.  Jim and Maudie live in Port Townsend so naturally anything close to the water and ferry dock is a must. They were joined by their two grown children Kathy and Mike plus the better halves. Grandkids Matt and Natalie were home from college so we had the whole family.  We covered the park from bottom to top and I think we got just about every combination possible. I know they’ll enjoy these images for a long, long time.

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