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Vintage views along the Mother Road

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Route 66: Oatman – Kingman – Seligman
Vintage peeks along the original “Mother Road”

As a photographic artist I am always looking for new and exiciting ways to present the world around us. I took a little road trip of my own and followed the Mother Road thru Oatman, Kingman and Seligman with my Lensbaby. What is a lensbaby? It’s a lens monuted on a plastic bellows. You manually focus by pushing, pulling and bending until you find a part of your image that will be in focus, called the ‘sweet spot’. The remaining areas of the image are soft and blurred, creating unique, eye-catching images.

Generations old and new will always be in awe of Route 66 which lead travelers over 2,448 miles of continuous highway between Chicago and Los Angeles. For decades, this historic path served thousands who were migrating west, especially during the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. I hope you enjoy the images presented at the Kenney and that you’ll feel as though you  travelled that road as well.

Travel Images

Good ‘ol Route 66

I went with my mom to Laughlin Nevada for a little gambling fun and decided to spend one day on the road – Route 66 that is! Took a nice little drive and headed to Oatman, Arizona, a historic mining town that has come to life again with quaint shops, restaurants and the town landmark – BURROS! that wander the streets and usually end up butting you in the, well you know:)  Then on into the hills where we came upon Cool Springs – most likely a man-made landmark but still had lots of cool antique trucks, cars, and gas pumps.

I took along a new toy – a Lensbaby – a strange kinda lens that has one very sharp point with blurriness all around it.  So, NO, I wasn’t drinking – just having fun with a new toy! Here are some of my favorites:

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