Enjoy the silence

When I saw a rather strange formation from the road I found my way into the Russian Orthodox Brotherly Cemetery of Saint Nicholas; just inside Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery. (Washelli is a Makah word meaning west wind)

Further down, the serene road led to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery where Chimes Tower looks over rows and rows of military headstones. We happened upon one woman WWII Army vet 1915-2007.

We also drove through other sections for religious communities and ethnic groups such as Greek Orthodox and Lutheran.

The cemetery was founded in 1884 by David Denny and his wife Louisa who are all buried here. Originally called Oak Lake Cemetery many mergers led to its current status as Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery.

Angels are all around us, all the time, in the very air we breathe. ~ Eileen Elias Freeman


Playing tourist

It was a beautiful day to play ‘tourist’ in my own backyard. I zipped on down to the Pike Street Market to join a few friends. We met by Rachel the pig and headed on down to the ‘gum wall‘; even though I have done many engagement portraits there as well as wedding photos it never seemed to be this crowded! As we walked down the steps there was a line of visitors from all over waiting to view this unique attraction. I got my turn, grabbed a few snaps and headed up to the market to find beautiful bouquets and lots of talented artisans… I’ll be back to shop for the holidays! Hope you enjoy my artistic interpretations….


Chihuly Glass Museum is spectacular

A visit to the Chihuly Glass Museum was well worth the trip. Several small galleries were home to beautiful glass installations – all with a different theme.  See if you can identify them!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

I know the midwest and east coast are being pummeled with snow storms. Part of me wishes I was there and the other part is happy to be in Seattle with sunny skies. Being from Chicago I remember the cold Christmas Eve nights when dad would run down to the car, shovel off the snow and let it heat up for 15 minutes before we actually went to grandma’s house! Ahh, to be young again. And then the time that we lived in Boston and would leave work early because the snow was falling and accumulating.  Of course, we never missed a lot of work because they know how to salt and plow the roads; but there were some very frigid nights! And the time we couldn’t get back from Italy because a big snowstorm had hit the east coast and all air travel was suspended or re-routed – for that one we got a free night in a beautiful hotel and an extra couple days in Italy! Those were the days.

So, I went out and photographed a few iconic views on 45th Ave in Wallingford and on Thistle in West Seattle. I added a little snow of my own for a festive kind of Seattle snowfall! Enjoy!

Current · Polish Home Association

Get your Pierogi Soap at the Polish Bazaar

Meet me at the Spring Polish Bazaar!
Saturday, March 23rd. Noon – 6pm at the Polish Home – 1714 18th Ave (off Madison)

Spring Polish Bazaar

Gail Ann will have wonderful gifts perfect for Easter! Back by popular demand is our “Pierogi Soap” in Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Peppermint and more. Lots of Easter cards for those Easter greetings. Digital Wycinaki designs & Basia’s Journals NEW Jewelry Items featuring our Finger Rosaries! Stop by and say ‘Hi’ and maybe pick up a gift or two for Easter!

Great Polish Foods! Homemade pastries – Takeout dinners & desserts.


Heather & Steve in downtown Seattle

Heather’s wedding was a dream come true. Her makeup was stunning, her dress was gorgeous, the flowers were beautiful and the groom was handsome! We met at the Hotel Vintage Park in downtown Seattle and started our little romp thru the neighborhood along with her maid of honor and best man.  Come along with us….


Business to Business

Princess Cruise Light the Night Walk

I was honored to be part of the first  Princess Tours  Light the Night walk on the Golden Princess for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  The team raised about $1,500 for their first event!

On Saturday August 8, 2009 ~  66 employees, friends and family from Princess Tours walked for a cure. The event was great, the ship donated hors d’ouvres & water, we had balloons tied to sticks (no helium on the ship), Kerri & Evan Dubicki (part of the #1 team in Seattle- The Little Engine That Could) joined us too.  Kerri told a very compelling story of how Evan at just one year’s old was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Evan was a great trooper, running around and proving that research & treatment do work.

To see images of the entire event click here! Enjoy!

The Little Engine That Could…Evan

LTN Walk