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Thru the raindrops

It’s that time of year for last minute senior yearbook photos. Yup, I can still make it happen for you. Neve came by this afternoon after shuffling her schedule and mine only to find the rains coming – what to do?! Quick, we can do it…and we did, right in my yard! It was the fastest session yet and yielded some great images perfect for the yearbook. We’ll get together again in April or May for more clothing changes and background options; hopefully with some better weather.


Current · High School Seniors

Time for senior portraits

Mom pulled up to the studio last Sunday and said “Camden’s in the car, got time?” So I grabbed a camera and we headed off to the community college and roamed the garden there. Looks like we were at five different locations.  Got done quickly and Camden was able to finish his day doing things HE really wanted to do:)

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High School Seniors

Alex takes time for his senior pics

Alex was a natural in front of the camera. With a nice easy smile we worked the alleyway and did some nice studio headshots.
Remember, it’s never too early or too late for senior pics.

High School Seniors

Madeline at Alki

It’s never too late for senior portraits! Madeline’s mom found me through her hairdresser, Taylor, whose wedding I did about 7(?) years ago!  Thank you Taylor! 

Madeline and I met on Alki and did some creative work on the pier close to Salty’s and then moved down to the ‘anchor’ where the sun came out and we did some fun stuff close to the water.




High School Seniors


Angela’s mom works for the Hall at Fauntleroy where I often photograph weddings, so when she called to photograph her daughter we just had to use the grounds of the hall. I think we covered it nicely. Angela was easy to work with and has a funky little look; I especially liked her orange Keds. It’s never too late for senior pics…call me to set up your session.  gail ann, 206-371-0585

High School Seniors


Chloe is another graudating senior here in West Seattle. She was most charming and easy to work with. Call us today to book your senior session! 206-371-0585


High School Seniors


It’s time for the graduating seniors of 2009 to have their senior pics taken. Alaina is a friend of Dylan’s (posted on an earlier blog). We met down on Alki and then moved on to the Alki Tavern (not to drink!) just to use the eclectic outdoor ambiance to enhance Alaina’s beautiful eyes and golden hair! Striking dont’ you think?  Call Gail Ann today to book your senior session!