Polish Film Festival

Seattle Polish Film Festival

I have been involved with the Seattle Polish Film Festival since 2001. Together with my sister we produced the Festival program book through 2006. I have served as ‘Official Photographer’ since 2000 capturing the festivities, meeting Polish actors and directors. I have traveled to Gdynia, Poland for the Polish ‘Academy Awards’! While there I have viewed first run films, met actors, photographed events and just had a darn good time!  

Don’t miss the upcoming 16th Annual Polish Film Festival starting April 18-25th! Hope to see you at one of the flicks!

Seattle Polish Film Festival

2008  Reception and April 18 Screening

2007 Reception and Screening featuring Michal Rosa and Kinga Preis 


2005 Film Festival

2007 Polish Film Festival in America-Seattle

In 2005  several of us “cinema lovers” visited Gdynia to attend the 30th Polish Film Festival. An exhibit was created by Ewa & Krzysztof Poraj-Kuczewski  that included my images captured at that event. It is a collection that captures the filmmakers in formal and informal situations, everyday festival activities, and the beauty of Gdynia. If you would like to purchase a book copy please let us know. Cost is $55 with proceeds going to the Seattle Polish Film Festival.

Faces of Polish Cinema 


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