West Seattle Art Walk

August 13th Art Walk at Gail Ann Photography

It’s time for another West Seattle Art Walk and we hope you’ll make your way to this end of town!
I’m honored to feature two great artists for your listening and viewing pleasure!


Meet Shan Coleman – Reggae Artist http://www.shancoleman.com/

Belli Vita – Belly & Body Casting   http://www.bellivita.com/

starI have had the pleasure of working with both of these great artists.
I just met Shan and was overwhelmed by his sense of spirit and his smooth flowing reggae style.
We had a wonderful photo session. Several of my images are featured on his website.

Laura Marie is another great artist. She has an eye for design and color and it shows in her belly castings.
I have photographed many of her pieces that appear on her website.
Stop by to see her castings.

and of course, the fine art work and portraiture of Gail Ann Photography.

We look forward to seeing all of you at this end of town.
Gail Ann Photography, 4507 Wildwood Pl, Seattle Wa, 98136

News Flash! James Donaldson, candidate for Mayor of Seattle will be stopping by. James is a former Sonic player, small business owner, and someone willing to get involved in making a change. Stop by and shake his hand!  http://www.teamdonaldson.com/

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