Gatewood Bids for Kids Auction

The Gatewood Bids for Kids Auction was held Friday evening, March 11th at the Hall at Fauntleroy.  It was a superhero auction adventure where “Superheros” of all kinds showed up to bid on items to help raise money for the kids.
Gatewood Bids for Kids Auction

On hand were (right to left) Nicole “Gator Girl” Sipila, PTA Vice President, Rhonda Claytor, Principal and Mary Howland, PTA President.
Says Rhonda Claytor, “Our fundamental beliefs at Gatewood are that class size should be as small as possible, that children should have a variety of learning experience…this event is a crucial part of providing the funding to make these ideas continue to be an effective learning tool and a reality at Gatewood.”

I was on hand to capture some of the Superheros in action.  You can view these images at:

If you would like a complimentary image from the event just let me know!

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