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Chrohn’s and Colitis Foundation Annual Benefit Luncheon
April 27, 2011 ~ Hyatt at Olive 8 ~ Seattle, Washington

Once again I was on hand for the annual CCFA Luncheon where a wide variety of guests told their stories and expressed their thanks to the Northwest Chapter of CCFA.  A lovely video presentation was created of images I had taken at Camp Oasis last summer – there was not a dry eye in the house!

Guest speakers included; Mike McCready of Pearl Jam (who shocked the nation when he admitted he was suffering from Chrohn’s disease several years ago); Andy Wappler whose father, weatherman Harry Wappler suffered with Chrohn’s for most of his life, with just a few confidants knowing of his illness) and Barbara Chaplin, recipient of the Mike McCready & Ashlley O’Conner Award this year.  Barbara’s story is like that of so many others – shame and fear of having a life-long illness.  Upon hearing of Lois Fink’s 5K run in support of people with IBD, she and her husband become involved with others who lived with the same illness.  She became a CCFA board member, raising funds and awareness and hasn’t stopped since!

My sister has Chrohn’s disease and that’s why I offer my time and talent to this worthwhile organization that opened so many doors for her. Learning how to live life instead of the disease living life for you is a major hurdle many of these patients can conquer. Keep up the good work!

Click here to view all the luncheon photos!

Andy Wappler, Harry Wappler, Lois Fink, Barbara Chaplin
Lois Fink is joined by Andy Wappler and Barbara Chaplin
Barbara Chaplin is the recipient of the Mike McCready & Ashley O'Conner Award
Barbara Chaplin is the recipient of the Mike McCready & Ashley O'Conner Award
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam, Andy Wappler son of weatherman Harry Wappler
Mike McCready of Pearl Jam and Andy Wappler meet for the first time.

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