Judge this

The Washington State Fair Photo Salon holds two photography exhibitions. I was invited to judge the 75th Northwest International Exhibition of Photography. It is part of The Photographic Society of America (PSA) which supports a system of recognizing photo competitions for photographers world-wide.  There are nearly 6000 PSA members, including both amateur and professional photographers, residing in nearly 80 countries.


Over two days of judging we viewed at least a thousand images! This exhibition, established in 1937, is considered one of the leading international exhibitions in the world. Although shown for only 17 days, it is viewed by a million or more people from the greater Puget Sound area in the state of Washington, who come to see the latest and best in photographic art.

I plan to visit the exhibit myself to see the final presentation.

Washington State Fair Photo Salon, Pavilion • Puyallup, WA September 11-27, 2015

Be sure to visit the fair and let me know what you think!
Maybe you’ll enter something next year?

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