Spitfire Liberator – West Coast Premier at Museum of Flight

It was the West Coast premiere of the long-awaited “Spitfire Liberator: The Alex Herbst Story.” Capt. Alexander Herbst is the oldest living WWII pilot of the elite 303 & 308 Polish Fighters Squadron of the United Kindgom’s Royal Air Force.

Spitfire LIberator premiered Saturday,October 3 at the Museum of Flight in Seattle. Consul General of the Republic of Poland along with many other dignitaries were on hand to honor Alex Herbst, the 96 year old hero of the documentary that outlined his service and career. He flew Spitfires, escorted B-17 bombers, was shot down three times, and survived countless hardships before rebuilding his life after the war. Everyone should learn more about these forgotten heroes who fled Poland during the war, fought the war, and lived to tell the story.

To see more photos click here:
Volume One
Volume Two

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