Polish Film Festival

2015 Seattle Polish Film Festival opens to great success!

SPFF15-20006It was a great week for the 23rd Annual Seattle Polish Film Festival. We opened with a complimentary screening of a Polish cult comedy called “Sexmission” at Northwest Film Forum. About 50 guests enjoyed light snacks prepared by the Seattle Gdynia Sister City Association, producers of this annual event. Next up was our first ever “Vodka and a Drop of Art” featuring 30+ vintage Polish posters and of course, vodka! Friday, Saturday and Sunday featured some great films including “Gods” the true story of Dr. Religa, the surgeon who performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland. The festival continues thru October 18, 2015. Hope to see you there!

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What happened to the Kalakala?

After a long history of decline the once art deco inspired Kalakala ferry ended up beyond any restoration efforts. Sadly but heroically her bits and pieces were auctioned off to lovers of the world’s first streamlined vessel that was ‘more rounded.’

She created an international sensation and was featured in National Geographic Magazine in 1938. In 1963, the Kalakala was voted the second biggest attraction, after the Space Needle at the World’s Fair.

You can read more about her twisting history at: http://www.kalakala.org/history/history_timeline.html

Owners of Salty’s purchased several pieces of the Kalakala that have found a new home at Salty’s on Alki.
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3 photographers, 1 salad

Three of us hit the road the other day to explore the small towns of Bow and Edison. First stop was Bow Hill Blueberries. A charming roadside farm that grows blueberries and the prettiest sunflowers.  Next stop was the Edison Cafe. Had fresh turkey sandwiches that were very tasty (I only could eat half). We meandered down more side roads and found the bustling main streets of Edison. Art galleries, junk stores, antique stores, plenty more places to eat and the resident big brown dog. Bought some rye bread from the Breadfarm, where we watched ’em rolling out the dough for the weekend rush.

Back to Bow Hill Blueberries for some delicious blueberry ice cream…what a treat! More side roads, sunken boats, stunning overlooks, stone houses, Larrabie state park and dinner at the Chuckanut Manor. We shared one delicious salmon, peach, and shrimp salad as we watched the sun set.

All in all an enjoyable day for three peeps with cameras!

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El Paso Holocaust Museum sheds light

On a return visit to New Mexico I visited the El Paso Holocaust Museum. Another memorial to those who lost their lives, survived, and helped save lives during Hitler’s attempt to wipe out a class of citizens.

The displays featured stunning graphics that effectively tell the story of the Holocaust. Life in Europe before the Nazi Party; the Rise of the Nazi Party; the Use of Nazi Propaganda; Kristallnacht ; Life in the Ghettos; Transportation by Railcars to the Camps; Life and Death in Nazi Concentration Camps; Liberation by the Allied Forces; the Righteous Among the Nations; a Memorial and Reflection Room; and a Gallery of El Paso Holocaust Survivors.

Hitler’s actions certainly touched more lives in more places than one can imagine. Thhe founder of the museum was born in Lodz, Poland. His life in the ghetto was heartbreaking yet it was there he met and married his wife. together they escaped the camp and eventually settled in El Paso, Texas.

To learn about Mr. Henry Kellen, the gentleman who started the museum click here: http://www.elpasoholocaustmuseum.org/henrykellen.sstg

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