3 photographers, 1 salad

Three of us hit the road the other day to explore the small towns of Bow and Edison. First stop was Bow Hill Blueberries. A charming roadside farm that grows blueberries and the prettiest sunflowers.  Next stop was the Edison Cafe. Had fresh turkey sandwiches that were very tasty (I only could eat half). We meandered down more side roads and found the bustling main streets of Edison. Art galleries, junk stores, antique stores, plenty more places to eat and the resident big brown dog. Bought some rye bread from the Breadfarm, where we watched ’em rolling out the dough for the weekend rush.

Back to Bow Hill Blueberries for some delicious blueberry ice cream…what a treat! More side roads, sunken boats, stunning overlooks, stone houses, Larrabie state park and dinner at the Chuckanut Manor. We shared one delicious salmon, peach, and shrimp salad as we watched the sun set.

All in all an enjoyable day for three peeps with cameras!

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